✨Ebonette Care✨

I am so excited that you have purchased an Ebonette!! Here are some tips on how to wear and take care of the Ebonette as well as an instructional video on how to tie the Ebonette bow and more!! 


-To store it when not in use, choose dry cool places
-The Ebonettes are machine washable. I recommend letting them air dry to prevent shrinking of any kind.
-DO NOT TIE TIGHTLY! Tying your Ebonette tight WILL result in discomfort and a headache. If you've tied it tightly, simply pull the parts of the hair tie tied down on your head (illustrated in video below)
-If your ears begin to feel uncomfortable from the hair ties, make sure the hair ties are laying flat against your ears to guarantee comfort!
- These Bonnets accommodate longer hairstyles, however if you have shorter hair, you can also tuck the excess Bonnet into the back of the Bonnet, creating a shorter Bonnet look!  

✨Instructional Video✨