• Founded in August 2020...

    EbonieEssentials is a haircare company that specializes in creating and selling products geard towards making the haircare experience more luxurious, healthy, and enjoyable!

    We work to think outside the box and create and sell haircare products that are just as inclusive as they are problem solving!

  • About the Owner and Founder, Cindy Noir

  • Cindy Noir is a 27 year old Motivational Speaker and Social Media Content Creator. She is passionate about being a voice that provides a safe space in our community for our authenticity to shine. EbonieEssentials was a blessing that found her along her journey and has worked hard to foster and grow. Making sure that as many people feel seen and heard in our products, has been Cindy's goal from the start and she continues to lead this company in the right direction with that vision.